Texchur makes exceptional socks for all uses with a strong focus on design, performance, and comfort. We use premium materials and processes to manufacture our socks. Our socks go through many versions and rigorous testing before making it to you, ensuring that you recieve nothing but the best.



Texchur takes a scientific approach to product development by studying people’s pain points regarding currently available products. Once we identify the biggest challenges people have, we get to work to methodically find solutions


We formulate modern yet simple solutions for intricate problems through radically engineered textiles and construction procedures.


Each piece undergoes rigorous testing for durability and performance, both in the lab and in the real world, with our field testers.

We started by asking ourselves if we could make something better than the standard-issue sock. Through rigorous innovation and development, we achieved our goals and continue on our journey for the worlds highest performing socks. We come up with high-quality material and fabric construction improvements that add up to a new level of engineered comfort and performance in every pair of Texchur socks. We are committed to provide comfort, quality, and performance.


Texchur uses the finest yarns from the best sources in the world. We believe in creating antimicrobial and moisture-wicking fabric that is durable and functional. Materials such as Lycra Spandex and Silvadur Anti-Microbial help our socks contour to your feet, keep you dry and fresh all day, and provide support where you need it you so you can keep doing your thing all day long


Texchur socks are designed based on functionality and wearability analysis. Our socks are engineered for maximum comfort and performance coupled with vibrant design. Technologies such as precision arch support and targeted cushioning help keep your socks in place and provide support in high impact areas. Innovations such as mesh ventilation ensures maximum airflow to keep your feet fresh all day long. Here at Texchur we never stop innovating and continuously strive to find the next breakthrough in socks engineering.


Whether you’re running a marathon, running late to work, or running errands, we know you want to feel supported. When you put on a pair of Texchur socks, you may not think about the Y-Stitched Heel or Stay-Up Technology, but with our products, know that you’re starting your day with a additional comfort for the jostle that lies ahead.